"Sometimes you just need a few words, the words that comes from the heart, from the soul, to fly over the rainbow!"
You are loved - Monica

My name is Monica Garassino and I'm an Energy Healer Personal Trainer.

You will find a lot of articles on my Energy Blog about “Energy and Vibrations” and other personal information on my About page but what I would like to talk about here is:

Why having an Energy Healer and Empath Personal Trainer is the best choice that everyone should make once in a lifetime.

My journey started 20 years ago when I was struggeling with depression, anxiety and overwelming toughts and, as I’ve ever believed that nothing happens by chance, one day I saw a course of Reiki starting in my city, Turin, at that time I was living in Italy.

This experience was trasformative for me, I’ve never imagined that feeling the energy flowing trough my body could be so powerful and restorative, not only for my physical body but expecially for my mind.

I decided to give me permission to feel my low emotions in a deeper level, facing them without fear because, at the end, they are a state of vibration and we always have the free will to change our vibrations into a higher state of counsciusness.


This was my first step into the world of Energy Healing and, after that, I studied and got certified with the most talented teacher in the world (Oliver Niño – Geo Love Energy Healing, Suzanne Giesemann – Mediumship, Rezana Lika – Channeling, America Yoga Alliance – Yoga Teacher) to improve my talents and develop my spiritual gifts to serve others at the best level.

With all the tecniques I learned and all the skills I developed, I created something new and powerful, to help people to release their low emotions, their blocks, to rise up their vibrations and to become the best version of themselves, for them, their family and friend and all the people around.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is. Tune into the frequency of the reality you desire and you can’t help but get that reality.”

Albert Einstein

It is not just about receiving, is almost about to learn and be more aware of yourself.
I don’t need words, I can feel and undersand you. I will be your best empath friend for a while, if you will allow me. My gifts are at your service.

The P2P (Person-to-Person) Program is tailored on you, couldn’t be a standard path, everyone is different. You, your life, your experiences, your emotions, your needs are unique and deserve to be treated in the same way. This program is succesful because it honors your unique person, your essence, to create the right path for you that you will be able to follow and to perceive the difference.

Do you train your mind, your emotions, your energy as you train your body?

I will be on your side to help you to reconnect from the inside and improve your awareness, I will be on your side, as an Empath and Energy Healer, to healp you to deal, recognize and handle your law emotions, your patterns, until you will be able to work by yourself.

The goal is to find the best way to serve you, to give you a new desire to do, a new motivation, a fresh mind, high emotions, clear thinging to stay more focused on your goal, to feel free, overflowing and complete, to be the best and satisfied version of you, every day of your life.

It is not just about receiving, it is almost about to learn and be more aware of yourself!

"Sometimes you need just a few words,
the words that comes from the heart, from the soul,
to see your patterns and to fly over the rainbow.
To feel the joy, wholeness, motivation and to understand that you are a divine soul, that this life is your experience and that never ends, because you are eternal energy".
I’m here to help you to release your low emotions, to relax and rejuvinate your body and mind, to pair you with the best version of yourself.



My book "My Soul: Discover the words of the Angels for your Soul" is now available on Amazon, Kindle and paperback, English and Italian language. Open your heart, your spirit, calm your mind and bring the Energy of the Universe back into your being. Everything has always been there for you, you just have to open your eyes and look with your heart to find yourself, your path, your true Self, your soul. A journey to rediscover ourselves, our multidimensional, divine being, to understand our traumas, our sufferings and look at them from another point of view, to restore strength to our spirit and express ourselves for what we are without fear, to learn listening to the voice of our heart. With immense love for all of you, let yourself be guided by the voice of your heart and immerse yourself in the messages that the Angels left for your soul.