Monica Garassino - Spiritual Consultant, Energy Healer and Author

I am Monica Garassino, Spiritual Educator, Energy Healer and Author. I live with my family in USA and Italy. My job is to help you become aware and regain your energy, to help each of you to go beyond. This is my message to you:

"Open your heart, your spirit, calm your mind and bring the Energy of the Universe back into your being.

Purify yourself, heal, absorb the energy that surrounds you.

Everything has always been there for you, you just have to open your eyes and look with the heart to find yourself, your path, your true self, your soul. When this process will be activated, physical healing will be nothing more than a mirror of your inner change, your peace, your harmony. The Energy is within us with all its strength and potential, it is up to us to take the first step and make it flow harmoniously inside.

Our body is the mirror of our inner well-being, take care of it is the first step towards greater awareness.

Allow your body, your mind, your spirit to find the balance and harmony that they have been looking for for a long time.


With immense love for all of you, let yourselves be guided by the voice of your heart". Monica

Spiritual Educator: The first beginnings in 2008 with the I - II level Reiki, the III level of spiritual Reiki and Reiki Master, to complete the cycle with the Reiki Alignment technique, of which she is a certified practitioner. Certified at Yoga Alliance and C.S.E.N. as a Yoga teacher and her Chakra Awakening classes are an instant success. From this moment on, the contact with energy intensified until he came to study as a Spiritual Educator at the Academy of Angelic Arts, to learn and practice the RAM® method of Rezana Jaiaram.

Energy Healer: At the end, she consolidated her studies with Sacred Geometry and Energy Healing, becoming a certified practitioner of the GeoLove Healing method all over the world. In 2019 she founded her website, a reference point for all those who want to use energy techniques to improve their psycho-physical health. She created two groups in Facebook to help people with group healing all over the world, one in Italian and one in English: Rainbow - Feeling and Living Energy. You can sign-in in all groups for free.

Author: Writer of the "Meditations of Awakening and Awareness", whose messages channeled and bearers of great energy, have helped many souls to find their way and free themselves from their burdens. You can find all the Meditations for free on her YouTube channel.

In 2020 she publishes her first fully channeled book, a message to all the souls of the world on the way: "My Soul: The Messages of the Angels for your Soul". Available both in Italian on and in English on and in all other countries of the world on your local Amazon store.