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Mandatory Disclaimer

This is a mandatory disclaimer that we must post for all our type of services.

Our services are offered to assist our clients in their quest for emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. It is a legal requirement to specify that all spiritual consultations, including energy healings, phyical energy healings and energy support for radiotherapy or chimotherapy and any other paranormal and metaphysical services or items offered on this website are for entertainment purposes only.

Your consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation.

All consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice.

The client receiving the consultation is responsible for all of their own choices and/or actions.

When treating illness and serious diseases it is important to consult your physician before making any decisions.

Many doctors will endorse some sort of alternative medicine coupled with conventional medicine, especially if conventional medicine is not proving very effective for a chronic condition.

Despite the lack of credibility given it by MD.s, some alternative medicine can work surprisingly well. It will all depend on your particular illness and your own body’s functionality whether alternative medicine will work well for you.

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase any of our services or products.

Limitation of Liability

The Holistic Operator is not held responsible for any type of injury or damage to the person, physically, emotionally and psychical that may derive from the execution of the treatment or service requested by the applicant.

Last modified: 08/07/2020

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