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What I have to do before the healing session?

A few minutes before your scheduled healing session, get somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed and get into a meditative state. Set an intention for the healing session, in the highest good of all, to be open to receive all you need from this healing. Relax yourself, take a few deep breath and allow yourself 40 minutes for the healing session. You can set a timer if you’d like, or just experience the healing and come back as you are led.

What I have to expect during the healing session?

We are beings made of energy and energy is around us, it surrounds us and influences us. Negative thoughts, anger, suffering involve us, so it is important to keep our vibrations high and let new energy flow within us, to stay connected with the centre of ourselves and be able to express our potential. During the healing session remove any jewellery you can and technology away from your body. You could see colours, feel emotions, hear voices, remember faces and situations, whatever comes to your awareness let it flow, everything is only for your greatest good. Close your eyes, take a few breaths and let your thoughts go.


What to do/expect after the healing session?

When traumas, blocks, sufferings are removed our physical body goes through a moment of detoxification, for this reason being tired, feeling heavy, want resting are reactions completely normal. It is also very important to drink after this practice to help the energy flow better and support this process. We will have time to share our experience together.


How to setup an appointment?

You can book all services on-line on the "Service" page of this website.

You can also contact us using the Contacts page, fill out the "Contact" form and I will respond you very soon.

For any questions write me at: info.oltreilvelo@gmail.com


How can I pay?

You can pay all Services on-line by booking them using your PayPal account or the major Credit Card circuits. You will receive an email for confirmation with all details of the appointment and service payed in your mailbox.

For multiple sessions are also available payments plan as described in our "Terms and Conditions" form.


More questions?

If you have any other question, just write me an email at: info.oltreilvelo@gmail.com or go to the Contacts page of this website and fill out the "Contact" form. I will respond you very soon!