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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

We have to create an empty space within us, as the Universe is outside, we are inside. Immense, huge and full of light.

Why does our light get trapped inside us?

Because we don't believe that we can be connected with the whole, that we are One.

Our connection with the source has been lost over time, but we are all connected and retrieving this gift means raising our vibrations, it means going beyond conditioning, thoughts, rules. It means believing and trusting in our abilities. We are all able to connect with the highest version of ourselves and tap into information, explanations, what we need in this moment. We are multidimensional beings and accessing to the higher part of ourselves is a practice that we should all be called to experience and start using again. How can we connect and raise up our vibrations?

We have to learn againg how to center ourselves in the heart and to tap into the energy that flows from it. We are not our thoughts, we are not all our actions completely.

We often act because this is what people expected from us, we often act because we think that our behavior is fair or simply because everyone acts in the same way.

How many times, deep down, did you know that your action was not your way, but you have followed it anyway. Call it instinct, call it premonition, you can give the label you want to this feeling, but it was your soul that has spoken to you, trying to reach your awareness through the heart. Your mind is a difficult place to reach because there's been a disconnection between your heart and your mind.

Dear soul, there is a wall that separates your mind from your heart and your purpose is to rediscover, to understand that getting out of the gray and the fog that surrounds your eyes and your awareness, is a choice.

Living your authenticity truly, is a choice, coming back to your heart and its path, is a choice.

If I want to open my consciousness and free myself from the walls, to reach my TrueSelf, what is the best path to choose?

The answer is the path that most resonates within your soul, the one that excites you and makes you feel alive.

You have to face your sufferings and burdens, to open your eyes, not as a punishment, but to give you the opportunity to see your life with the eyes of your soul and start breaking your patterns, to release what is ready to be released and you no longer need.

Your mind repeates the same pattern every time, like a loop. To every action corresponds its exact reaction. This makes you still. Aren't you tired of repeating the same emotion over and over, in different fields, but always the same lesson? Why I'm so blind? You don't see the lesson because your mind and your ego create a filter and the only thing you can do is answering: "it all happens to me", "I knew that you would have betrayed me too" or " I knew that you would be gone too "or" you don't care about me". We become victims of our situations, which will never stop repeating themselves until we consciously begin to see see them truly and to think that life happens for us and not against us. Taking the first step is difficult, it is the most important part where you need the confidence and the ability to put aside your conditioning and silence the mind that tries to maintain its balance, what it has conquered. When change happend and you open your eyes, you experience joy, expansion of your heart, your vibrations rise up and you can perceive the energy of your heart that takes the lead and blows away the gray clouds, to bring back the sun. after the rain.

Let yourself go and rediscover yourself, your true Self and not the one imposed by culture, society, media, family. Let it shine in all its authenticity and finally feel free to express yourself for who you really are. Follow the energy and vibration of your heart and change your reality.

Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.


Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.

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