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Energy and Food: Let's change our point of view

Food is our source of energy, what powers our engine.

In this article I would like to change your perspective for a moment, today we are not talking about calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates but we focus on other aspects of food that are often overlooked.

It happens to everyone to eat without thinking to the aspects concerning the foods that are ingested. Two of these elements are the energy aspect and the relationship that is established between us and food. In this relationship our emotional, mental and energetic plane in general is involved and it reflects the way we relate to the world and to life.

Every time we introduce a food into our body, a new relationship takes place between us and that particular food. This relationship begins when we choose what to eat and we relate to food through visual, olfactory, tactile perception and, even then, we set in motion both the physical and energetic functions in the body.

What is energy in food?

Each of us has a relationship with the energy present in food in a completely personal way, but there is a deep bond that every living being has and that connects sun, energy and food.

Every plant, of any kind, even cultivated ones, like every animal on Earth, needs connection with sun to grow. Photons from the sun are a form of energy that penetrates the earth, plants and animals to transform into energy of every living organism. In many cultural or philosophical traditions we can see the presence of this energy in the definition of food. For example, the Yogic tradition recognizes the presence of an energy called "Prana" in every food and this consideration is now scientifically confirmed, that allow a more conscious use of food for both physical and emotional well-being.

Food, like everything that we are and that surrounds us, are and emit vibrations.

Those that most support our well-being have a high vibration and are the same foods that help keep our vibration at higher levels giving us more energy. Each person is subject to the influences of all vibrations that come from objects, people and events and also from their own vibration; therefore, eating synthetic foods, nutritionally correct but energetically null, does not guarantee optimal development.

What is the optimal vibration of food?

To stay healthy our vibration must be above 6500 Angstroms and any influence of a lower vibrational frequency damages us, including food.

The French engineer Andrè Simoneton has spent 20 years researching the effect that food can have on the human body. Since everything that lives, including our organism, emits radiation, he wondered which radiations weaken it and which ones strengthen it. He was able to establish that every human being emits radiation around 6200/7000 Angstroms (this wavelength corresponds to the red color of the solar spectrum). He also found that below 6500 Angstroms the organism can no longer keep itself in good health and the disease appears.

Below you can find a list of Color, Wavelength in Angstrom (A °) and Utility of radiation:

  • Infrared 7601-9000 indispensable for life

  • Red 6201-7600 indispensable for life

  • Orange 5901-6200 indispensable for life

  • Yellow 5801-5900 indispensable for life

  • Green 5201-5800 insufficient but useful

  • Blue 4501-5200 insufficient but useful

  • Indigo 4301-4500 insufficient but useful

  • Violet 3901-4300 insufficient but useful

  • Ultraviolet 3001-3900 insufficient but useful

  • X-rays 2600-3000 harmful to humans

To maintain vibrations at a wavelength greater than 6500 Angstroms (towards infrared), our organism must continually adapt to the influence of all kinds of radiation, whether they are due to thoughts, emotions, nutrition, medicines, cosmic radiations, solar, terrestrial, etc. Laboratory tests have shown that synthetic foods, while providing a balanced diet from a qualitative and caloric point of view, are not sufficient to provide normal development. This means that in addition to the usual elements (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc.), foods must also possess “energetic vibrations“, capable of maintaining life.

The 4 vibrational qualities of food according to Simoneton research

SUPERIOR FOODS, with vibrations above 6500 Angstroms:

  • all ripe fresh fruit and related juices (homemade and immediately swallowed)

  • almost all vegetables

  • raw or cooked legumes with a temperature not exceeding 70 degrees

  • wheat

  • starchy

  • flour and wholemeal bread

  • homemade sweets

  • all the oleaginous fruits and their essential oils

  • olives

  • almonds

  • Pine nuts

  • nuts

  • sunflower seeds

  • hazelnuts

  • coconut

  • soy

  • fresh butter of the day

  • NOT fermented cheeses

  • eggs of the day

SUPPORT FEEDERS, with vibrations from 3000 to 6500 Angstrom:

  • fresh milk

  • normal butter

  • eggs not of the day

  • honey

  • sugar cane

  • wine

  • peanut oil

  • vegetables blanched in boiling water

LOWER FOODS, with HARMFUL vibrations from 3000 Angstrom down:

Non riesci a pensare a come iniziare? Scrivi la prima cosa che ti viene in mente. Anne Lamott, autrice di un libro che amiamo sullo scrivere, dice che devi darti il permesso di scrivere una “prima bozza scadente”. Anne fa esattamente il punto: inizia a scrivere e preoccupati di modificarlo solo in un secondo momento.

  • cooked meat

  • cured meat

  • eggs after 15 days

  • boiled milk

  • the

  • coffee

  • marmalade

  • chocolate

  • White bread

  • all fermented cheeses

DEAD FOOD, without any vibration:

  • canned food

  • margarine

  • all the pastry shops and sweets made with refined flour and industrial products

  • liqueurs and spirits

  • refined sugar (white)

Lifestyle to which we are subjected in society is based on the achievement of objectives, on the maintenance of accelerated rhythms, on eating in a disordered and unconscious way. All this leads to the inexorable consumption of life energy and the consequent increase in chronic diseases and the intake of synthetic drugs for life.

It is not uncommon in oriental monasteries where martial arts, yoga and meditation are also practiced and where you eat frugally but healthy and vital food, that you reach a considerable age in good health and die peacefully at the turn of the century or more. It is clear that we cannot think of all living like oriental monks, but, while carrying on our everyday life, we can pay more attention to the food we consume every day and to its quality!

Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.


Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.

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