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Healing the Soul to Heal the Body

Updated: Mar 10

The Universe is a single uninterrupted field of energy. All matter in the Universe is nothing but solidified energy, with a vibrational frequency lower than the constant speed of light squared.(Albert Einstein)

Energy and matter differ only in their vibrational frequency.

What we call matter is that part of the energy perceivable through our 5 senses. We are able to perceive only what our senses are able to acquire.

The energy pulsates and vibrates and is measured in frequencies.

The energy of the human being is the personal one, our battery.

And what kind of battery is it?

Is it a rechargeable battery, how?

By absorbing other energy with voluntary or involuntary gestures: the air we breathe, the food we eat, rest, sleep, energy treatments such as Energy Healing or Reiki, which brings the energy of the REI universe in contact with personal energy the KI.

How people are seen in a holistic view

According to the dictionary, the word “holism” means: “Biological theory according to which the organism can be considered only in its totality and completeness and not as the sum of parts not connected to each other“.

The individual is considered in its entirety, as if the body were a single large organ. I cannot think that if I have liver pain, or an enlarged liver, the other organs and nearby tissues are not affected in a reflex way. Just because my liver is enlarged means that it no longer has its original shape and this compresses the surrounding areas that suffer from this condition.

This was the vision of medicine until 600-700, that of considering the individual as a whole made up of body, mind and spirit.

Platone himself said: “Heal the soul if you want to heal the body too”.

So what happened?

In 600 autopsies began and it was discovered that our body is nothing more than a sum of organs held together by an envelope, the connective tissue and our skin.

Science could begin to analyze every single organ, opening our shell and thus the organ medicine that we carry with us today, the super-specialized medicine, was born. There is the doctor who treats the kidney, the one who treats the liver, the one who treats the lungs and the doctors themselves do not treat the other organs.

Dott. Umberto Veronesi famous doctor specialized in cancer treatment:

“This has given extraordinary progress but we have forgotten the person, the final goal of our care, the person. The medicine of the future will be the medicine of the person, we must somehow return to the holistic culture, because certainly the disease affects an organ, but it is processed mentally, it is nothing more than the latest reflection of a malaise that first manifests itself at a level higher energy and which inevitably ultimately affects the body, the densest part of matter. How we are now able to remove a lump from the breast, but it is difficult to remove it from the mind, it is difficult to cure the damage produced on a mental, thought, emotional, spiritual level. We cannot heal a body without knowing who we have in front of us and this is what today’s super-technological medicine is going to neglect. Symptoms are felt, x-rays are looked at, therapy is established like an engineer. We need to listen to patients to understand who we have in front of us and how we can treat them better”.

State of health does not only mean the absence of pathologies, but rather physical, psychological and family/social well-being and health. In this way, what is treated are not only the obvious symptoms but the whole individual no longer considered only as a patient but as a patient-person. In this case, the patient-person is considered in its entirety by identifying in the organism the capacity for self-healing that each of us possesses and that over time we have forgotten to exist. Therefore, once placed in the conditions of being able to heal, it is able to rebalance its body and spirit in search of a state of balance. Once the body has restored its optimal balance, it will be able to regain the correct energy, obtaining an evident improvement in its state of health.

The role of the holistic operator

The holistic operator who works with energy, beyond the energy technique used, is a catalyst that starts the energetic process of vitalization of the body.

To give an example and better understand how this process is triggered, we can think of Holistic Foot Reflexology or Yoga, simple techniques that give many benefits and help us understand, with a simple example, what happens on an energetic and physical level. Why start from the feet? The feet are our roots, in the feet end Meridians (main energy channels) and Nadi (minor energy channels) of particular importance that bring energy to every part of the body. The feet are home to a large amount of snowy endings, they are the most suitable for reflecting (precisely by virtue of these endings) all the other organs of the body. On the feet we will therefore find all the reflex points of the internal organs, the spine and the bones. Precisely for this reason it is essential for each of us to allow our body to lean on the ground and feel supported and rooted. The importance of stimulating the feet by walking barefoot goes beyond our imagination. As in this case our body is reactivated, with reflexology we are going to carry out:

  • Nerve stimulation: the pressure on the reflex area would then have the task of sending communications to the brain, stimulating it to intervene on the problem encountered.

  • Release of hormones: it is sufficient to massage the painful reflex zones to stimulate the brain to release brain hormones, such as endorphin, with consequent therapeutic action.

  • Stimulation of the blood system: it aims to improve circulation and decrease the presence of waste.

  • Psychological influences: explainable by the great importance that the mind has on the origin of physical ailments.

Yoga also affects our energy, Yoga positions (asanas), in addition to being a physical exercise of considerable importance, affect our energy as they free our energy channels and make the energy flow better within us without blocks. The result is that after a lesson we feel good, we are positive, our mood is no longer the same as when we started. Some positions affect certain areas of the body where many energies remain blocked that refer to traumas, fears, events of which we no longer have the memory and which remain unconscious but which influence us day after day. One of these areas is the “Ileopsoas”, also known as the “soul muscle”.

Taking time to train this muscle helps help us overcome anxiety and fear. This muscle is often referred to as the deepest core of our body, it connects the spine with the legs, is essential for our gait, posture, balance, flexibility and much more and is connected to our emotions.

In conclusion, energy work plays a fundamental role in everyday life and the more we open our mind and our consciousness to think that we are energy before matter, the more we will be able to take care of our vessel, our physical body.

Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.


Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.

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