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How words affect our reality

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is.

Tune in to the frequency of the reality you desire and you can’t help but get that reality.”

Faced with statements like this, attributed to Albert Einstein and dated more than a century ago, we can only stop for a moment and try to understand the meaning and, above all, how all this translates concretely into our daily life.

We can hear the sounds emitted by the strings of a guitar because, inside the ear, we have receptors capable of vibrating at the same frequencies at which those strings vibrate and which, therefore, are activated as soon as they are hit by that same range of frequencies. In the same way we can perceive colors because, inside the eyes, we have receptors capable of vibrating at a specific range of intensity and frequency corresponding to bright and colored light. And so on for all the matter we touch, the aromas we smell and the flavors we taste.

There are also so many vibrations that we are not aware of.

Thoughts, emotions, sensations, intuitions are frequencies that travel in space and are captured by our receptive system based on how sensitive and trained we are to listen.

The Power of Words

It has been repeated many times that thoughts create reality, thoughts are very powerful, thoughts inspire emotions and ultimately create energy.

This energy then takes on physical form, but there is another important ingredient: the power of words.

Reality exists at various levels of vibration, everything that is part of the physical world vibrates at a lower frequency than what belongs to the world of the mind.

Our thoughts are part of that mental world, with a higher frequency of vibration than the physical world.

Our body, on the other hand, is part of the densest and slowest vibrating physical plane. We all have the ability to create desires at the most intense level of vibration so that they manifest in our reality.

Speech is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal!

Why are words so powerful?

Each spoken word is the direct connection between thought (higher vibrational level) and the body (physical plane at lower vibrational level).

When you say something you take your thoughts directly out onto the physical plane in the form of sound waves charged by the intention behind each spoken word.

Sound is energy, so this energy is immediately active on the physical plane. By doing so, you create energy strengthened by the underlying intent and this energy that you transmit by speaking, vibrates physically and manifests quickly.

When we speak we are not simply expressing simple concepts, we are creating our reality!

When you say negative words you have already emanated equally negative energy into the physical world. Paying attention to what you say and the intention you send out when you do it will help you change your life.

If, during the day, you often use the word “fear”, through this term you generate a vibration of fear that can stay close to you and grow, all this can therefore have an influence on you by lowering your vibrations.

If you use the words “love” and “light” as often as possible, they will have an important impact on you because they generate an energy that makes you grow and that allows you not only to elevate your human consciousness, but also to elevate your vibrational frequency.

When you connect to the higher parts of yourself, when you ask them to flood all that you are as matter, something happens in you that will give body and life to love.

Crystals of Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist and researcher, has developed a technique to examine under a microscope and photograph the crystals that form during the freezing of different types of water. He then photographed the water exposed to written words, music, prayers and spoken words. Water subjected to the vibrations of positive words and thoughts forms beautiful crystals similar to those of snow, water subjected to the vibrations of negative words and thoughts reacts by creating amorphous and devoid of harmony structures. In fact, water is able to record the vibration of an extremely subtle energy.

Water listens to us, memorizes the vibrations of our thoughts and emotions on its magnetic tape and responds to us in the figurative language of its crystals.

It is difficult to accept that the common man can believe in the concept of dialogue with water, but in reality this dialogue exists. The Earth is covered for 70% of its surface with water, the same proportion present in a human body. Snow, which has been falling on Earth for millions of years, contains crystals similar to each other but different from each other. Each crystal carries information within itself. More precisely, the geometry of the crystal is the information itself that crystallizes. Water, through the creation and contemplation of its crystals, makes a dialogue with man possible by raising his awareness.

Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.


Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.

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