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The Power of Gratitude

The Universe adopts the following principle "what is similar attracts". The Universe vibrates and each of us releases vibrations.

When we recognize the feeling of gratitude and recognize it in everything we have, we are attracting to us events similar to this vibration, positive situations. Gratitude corresponds to recognize that you have received a gift of value. Often happens that we tend to get used to what we have and, when we get something we desire, the sense of fulfillment does not last forever. After a while our attention shifts to something else we need.

There are so many things we tend to take for granted, especially when there are:

  • being alive

  • health

  • family

  • the scent of flowers

  • nature

  • friends

  • parents

  • brothers and sisters

  • classmates

  • the house we live in

  • our work

just to name a few.

When you try to think that everything you have is a gift, you connect to gratitude and step outside the perimeter of your ego. It is one of the most powerful emotions we can feel.

When we complain, for example, we attract negative events into our life, those who complain lead existence to make them experience other events to complain about, on the opposite, being grateful leads us to vibrations of abundance and prosperity. When we are able to feel gratitude, mood changes and we become more confident, open and happy.

This attitude makes us aware that nothing is taken for granted in this life and that everything that comes to us is a gift, even what may seem negative or unfair at the moment, is an opportunity that is given to us to grow and evolve.

Being grateful to negative situations or people who have made us suffer, helps us to see beyond, to understand that today, we will not be who we are without all this. The most negative and suffered part of our life exists for a reason, to make us to evolve. We will never be able to think or fully understand certain aspects of ourselves if there were no negative situations or people to help us.

Each of us has his own lesson to learn, without judgment and with a lot of understanding.

When we think of gratitude our brain releases endorphins, stress hormones decrease, increasing our physical and mental well-being. Our body knows what makes us feel good, we follow its advice.

I propose you a small exercise to do for 1 week, every day be grateful to someone, to something, to a positive or negative situation, to yourself:

  • close your eyes

  • take three deep breaths

  • think about what you want to be thankful for

  • visualize in your mind

  • open your heart and express your gratitude

Stay for a while if you want in this high vibration and find out how it could change your day with one simple gesture!

Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.


Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.

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