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The Spiritual Methods' Healing Power

“I believe that healing with spiritual methods and without the use of material techniques, will have unsuspected possibilities in the future”.

(Carl Gustav Jung speech of 1957 in Eranos – Switzerland)

Today Energy and Spiritual Healing’s techniques are within everyone’s reach, but there is still a lot to do, a lot to encourage, a lot to “believe“.

Generally the experiential paths, where it is possible to “feel” energy and have a physical perception of its effects, are the best for skeptical minds who need tangible confirmation.

Einstein, Jung, Veronesi at different times, all came to the same conclusion:

“Healing the Soul to Heal the Body”.

Any unheard emotion leaves a mark on the body. The body is the mirror of our soul and bringing back new energy is possible, with energy techniques that can raise up our vibrations, cleanse our energy body of stagnant energies and change our reality.

I encourage you to remember my simple list, like a relevant example, to reach your awareness and to make more easier to undestand the connection between our mind, emotions and our physical body:

  • if you don’t listen to your dissatisfaction, she talks to you with a headache;

  • if you don’t listen to your anger, she talks to you with gastritis;

  • if you don’t listen to your fear, she talks to you with constipation;

  • if you don’t listen to your urge to say “no”, she talks to you with stomach problems;

  • if you don’t listen to your passion, she talks to you with an infection;

  • if you don’t listen to your creativity and talent, they talk to you with weight gain;

  • if you don’t listen to your affection, she talks to you with dermatitis;

  • if you don’t listen to your spirituality, she talks to you with the body that gets sick over time.

Carl Gustav Jung speech to Eranos 1957.

“I believe that, step by step, your area of ​​expertise will go beyond what today, rightly or wrongly, we define as “functional”, to embrace the entire body as well.

I see the dawn of a new era shining in front of me in which certain surgical operations, such as those on tumors, will be considered a patchwork job, and we will realize, full of new awareness, how was possible such limited knowledge of methods of treatment.

Then there will hardly be space for traditional treatments. I am far from discrediting modern medicine and surgery in any way. On the contrary, I have a great admiration for both. However, I was able to take a look at the enormous energies that can house inside the person, coming from an external source, and that under certain conditions flow into them: energies that can only be defined as divine.

Forces that can not only heal functional disorders, but also organic disorders, which are then only concomitant expressions of mind-spiritual disorders ”.

We are much more than what our mind says, we are much more than our thoughts, we are much more than our emotions.

Discovering what we really are, leads us to open ourselves to change and listen to that whisper that occasionally emerges from the thousand continuous thoughts of our mind and that tries to show us the way. Following it depends on how much we are able to let go the reins of control and abandon ourselves to feeling, with confidence, knowing that this is a homecoming.

Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.


Written by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.

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