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Was I really alone?

Updated: Mar 15

Letters from Across the Veil - The Unheard Voices

"My name is Charlotte,

I was born in New England in 1870.

My mother was a nurse and I've never seen my father.

I had a bakery in New Jersey. Do you know my bakery? It was pretty famous here; the people love my threats.

I'm very tired and sick of my loneliness, my mother passed away and I'm alone.

No husband, no kids, no one more to take care.

I would love to feel whole, to be like a little girl, loved and cared.

One night, I decided to kill myself.

This is the letter I've never written."

I saw Charlotte dead in a room, hanged.

She lived in a small apartment, like a studio, connected to her shop on a road close to the local Church.

She tried to write a letter before, but she hadn't nobody to write to, so she decided to leave the paper white.

I felt her emptiness, her desire to stop the pain, the sadness. She gave up to life.

I felt her doubts while she was preparing everything for her death, doubts about her soul, the consequences imposed by the culture, Hell or Heaven? But at the end she gave up and she surrendered.

She wanted peace, in her heart and thoughts, in her mind and emotions, she was overwhelmed by her life, and she didn't see nothing else but to end her sufferings.

She closed herself to everything else, to surrender to peace.

"I'm alone, forgive me, I gave up everything to feel better again.

I missed my life, opportunities, love, what else? I don't know now!

I was loved by many people, really (she means her clients, people from the Church, people around). I wasn't alone but, my emotions, were too hard to come through.

I give up to life, never do this!

It's easy to come back (to light) and having all you always wanted but you missed to live, to feel alive, to touch, to smell. To live!

Don't give up, never, no matter what: smell the Earth, the nature is beautiful, give yourself to others and live!"

She feels like she failed her purpose, but this is not a game.

Emotions are true and hard, no judgement for her and she didn't receive it.

Compassion and comprehension for her life, to be sure that she will have a new strength for the next time adventure.

Now her voice has been listened and I feel peace and freedom.

She's ready for a new chapter on Earth.

A very dear friend of mine found a place in New Jersey, after an Internet search: a bakery founded in 1890 with a signature for their local crumb cake. It seems that "crumb cake" is a NJ thing.

When I saw the picture*, I thought that this could be the right place, small neighborhood, walkable place, living space connected to the shop and close to a Church.

We will never have the right answer, but as my dear friend said to me: "I like to think that something good is left."

* can't refer the web site directly for privacy policy

Written and channeled by Monica Garassino all rights reserved.

"Joining me in this journey and service for these souls by reading this content to make their voices to be listened. I am the messenger, you are who can make this possible just by reading and share their stories. Monica"


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