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Overcome Fear  - To Think and Manifest Clearly

Overcome Fear - To Think and Manifest Clearly

Heart and Sky Breath

When you activate your heart you can transmute any kind of negative energy, thought or  low vibration.


Your heart works like a magnet. 

Activate it to change your negative emotions and thoughts, to rise up your vibrations and start to attrack more positive energy in your life.

Breath, feel the language of light that will activate your heart to its full potential.


This meditation is for free, a little gift to make your first step over the rainbow.


"Let love and light be part of your being".
Thank you.



  • Download

    This download contains one MP3 file with the channeled meditation Heart and Sky Breath and one PDF file with the 3 Steps to move forward.

    Title: Heart and Sky Breath

    Author: Monica Garassino


    Music by: You Tube Music Library

    Category: Ambient

    Title: Enochian Magic

    Author: JR Tundra


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