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Clear and Protect your living spaces

Clear and Protect your living spaces from any kind of negative energy.

  • 3 hours
  • 270 US dollars
  • On-line on Zoom or Google Meet.

Service Description

Harmonizing and clearing your living environment from negative energies or other entities, will allow you to free yourself and all the people that live around, from presences that feed on your energy and interact with you in a subtle planes, affecting your mood, your thoughts and your business. Living environment means your house, office, business activity headquarter and any other space where you live, even your car. The harmonization and energetic clearing could be done twice a year remotely and can be also done in presence once, for those who prefer this modality. Harmonizing your home is a very important decision that involves all the people who live in the house, to free all from energies that are no longer useful and that do nothing but feed on them energy, making them tired and in a bad mood. For office or other business or commercial environment this practice improve high vibrations around, that affects all people that work together but also attracts the right people inside, as clients. Every person that pass through can feel, in an unconscious way, the new vibration and they feel better, with a good mood and want to come again. Finalize an agreement in the right place, with the right vibration, is easier and more profitable. Every space contains energy, and every time we move through spaces, we come in contact with energies that surround us. Our thoughts, emotions, and other behaviors draw one type of energy, rather than another, into the space around us, energies that vibrate at certain frequencies. These energies can stop in a place and inhabit it, influencing ourselves and all those who live with us and share the same space, with inharmonious emotions and thoughts that can provide them with the necessary energetic nourishment. It is important for our well-being to live in an environment that is harmonized and cleared of any low frequency that can disturb us at an energetic and unconscious level. Book your Clearing and Protection today to rise up the vibrations of your home or other environments. "Let love and light to be part of your being". Thank You! Monica

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a session, please send us an email at least 48 Hours before your scheduled session begins. Thank you! You can send the email at: info.oltreilvelo@gmail.com

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