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Energy and Karma Reading

To be aware of the most recurring themes in your life to move forward.

  • 1 hour
  • 110 US dollars
  • On-line on Zoom or Google Meet.

Service Description

"You will never understand the consequence of your actions until the same action is done to you. This is why I exist!" - Karma. Reading our energy and our Personal Conflict is a technique that is used to understand which are the most recurring themes in our life and if they are ours or are the results of genealogical-family memories. Becoming aware of the difficulties we have to face, knowing where to look and how to recognize our patterns is the first and most important step to awaken ourselves and finally become really aware of our reality. Why we act in a certain way in front of the events that life reserves for us every day? Why does some patterns repeate themselves over and over in our life and why do we always react in the same way? What are the traumas, the conditionings, our hidden personality and the major conflict do we have to overcome in this life? What personal karma do we carry back from our past lifes and are we trying to fix now? This technique can help in answering all these questions, to make us aware of what we have to face and solve for our evolution. It suggests us the keys to solve our major conflicts and how we must behave to try to get out of the box and free ourselves from our constraints. Your birth date is your personal Matrix Code for your 3D experience that contains everything, Karma, Conflict, Genealogical-Memories and Resolution Keys. Number speaks to us and now you can understand their language. You will receive a full report in pdf format by email 3 days after your booked appintment: - Karma and Conflict. - Geneaological-memories (if any). - Resolution Keys. "Let yourself to fly over the rainbow". Thank You! Monica "This experience was amazing and true!! Thank you." - Nicolas --------------- "This is not numerology, this is amazing and pure magic, you brought the light in my life. Thank you!" - Veronica --------------- "This is another way to see your life, from another perspective. Simply beautiful and awakening. " - Teresa --------------- "Never done yet? This is amazing, I would like to try also mediumship session with her. Monica, thank you for all your work." Andrea

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a session, please send us an email at least 48 Hours before your scheduled session begins. Thank you! You can send the email at:

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