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Physical Energy Healing

The power of Archangels to help you on illness and chronic desease.

  • 1 hour
  • Multiple Sessions
  • On-line on Zoom or Google Meet.

Service Description

Physical Energy Healing method is a powerful way to help you on illness and chronic desease. The Physical Energy Healing method, through a series of energy clearings, helps get to the root cause of a condition and create the best environment for the body to heal. The body begins to heal by dissolving the blocks we create through our negative judgments and thoughts. This “stuck” energy frequently appears as illness in the body. Releasing old traumas and baggage that we unknowingly carry around within our bodies cellular and neural structures and energy systems. For example, blocks can manifest as ulcers, headaches or stomach aches. Unexpressed anger and grief can cause tumors, while controlling attitudes can lead to rheumatoid arthritis. This is a type of Complementary Medicine, a form of unconventional (non-traditional) medicine that completes the methods of treating a disease. These medicines now recognized in hospitals and by various types of care associations, such as oncological ones, are for example acupuncture, chiropractic, energy healing therapy, music therapy, meditation and Yoga. A simple list, just to name a few example of what the Physical Energy Healing method can do for you and your body to awake its dormant self healing abilities: - Chemotherapy - Radiotherapy - Oncological issues - Addictions - Asthma - Eczema - Allergies - Headaches - Surgery - Physical pain in the body like back pain, muscle tear, etc ... - Blood pressure - Accelerating body's self healing abilities Different types of deseases require different types of treatments for your best result. The Physical Healing Process is a program of 8 sessions in a row to be scheduled every other day, preferably at the same time for about 1 hour per session. This allow your body to accelerate its self healing abilities and at the energy to flow in a correct way in your physical and energetic body, to support you in the right way during your healing process. This method works only for your highest good and the energy and strength of all Archangels is at your service to support your body. All the program will be set up to meet all you need and to serve you in the best way. Please contact us to talk together about your Physical Energy Healing customized program by booking your free Information Session to answer to all your questions to allow you to make your best decision to move forward. "Let love and light to be part of your being". Thank You! Monica

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a session, please send us an email at least 48 Hours before your scheduled session begins. Thank you! You can send the email at: info.oltreilvelo@gmail.com

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