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Spiritual Counseling

Full experience focused on Karma, Blocks, Traumas and Energy Healing.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 180 US dollars
  • On-line on Zoom or Google Meet.

Service Description

Full experience to understand our Karma, blocks and traumas and to go beyond, to finally move forward our patterns and discovering who we really are and what is our experience in this life, what we chose to face in this 3D experience for our spiritual evolution. The core of this session is our energy field, our Aura and our energy centers, our Chakras. We are beings made of energy and energy is around us, it surrounds us and influences us. Negative thoughts, anger, suffering involve us, so it is important to keep our vibrations high and let new energy flow within us, to stay connected with the center of ourselves and be able to express our potential. Energy is our fuel, introducing fresh and clean energy into our engine (Aura and Chakra) allows us to feel better and helps our body to use its natural self-healing processes. All the low vibrations trapped in our energy field are released and new energy will flow. Healing the wounds of the soul to heal the mind and body. Using energy to heal suffering, trauma, everything that is blocked within us on an energetic level to heal our body and mind. As long as our energy is blocked we will not be able to move forward, to go further. Introduce new energy directly to the source of the problems, to let them go, with love and grace, once and for all and start to let new energy flow. This method balances our energy by going to the root of our suffering, of our burdens. When a problem is solved on an energetic level, the physical body is also reactivated, bringing self-healing to where the problem has arisen. During the session we will explore your Karma and Conflict in this life, what you decided to experience here for your spiritual evolution and you don't remember. Now you have the chance to see your patterns in your life, the circle that repeats itself over and over. If you are aware you can brake the loop and be free, you can stop your patterns and start your change, new experience. If these words have touched your heart, your thoughts, book your session with me, clear your mind of negative thoughts and allow yourself the opportunity to move towards change. "Let love and light to be part of your being". Thank You! Monica

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a session, please send us an email at least 48 Hours before your scheduled session begins. Thank you! You can send the email at: info.oltreilvelo@gmail.com

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