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Service: is one of the treatments or services chosen by the applicant among those available as a single treatment, as part of a path or package, a group session or an event.

Applicant: the person who requests the service by booking it on-line or by email.

The applicants by booking and paying the service/product requested accepts all the conditions of all our Legal Forms:

Holistic Operator: the person who provides the service signed by the Applicant.

The Holistic Operator is GARASSINO MONICA Bio-Natural Discipline Operator (pursuant to law 4/2013 for italian applicants only) and Ordinary Member of the DBN Free Movement, covered by comprehensive insurance policies (RCT, Professional RC, Legal Protection and Accidents):

- Yoga Alliance America RYT200 Certified Teacher;

- Yoga C.S.E.N RYT250 Certified Teacher;

- Reiki Level I-II-III Certified Diploma;

- Spiritual Educator - Academy of Angelic Arts RAM® Method Certified Diploma;

- International GeoLove Healing Certification Level 1-2 and Certified Practitioner for Energy Healings.

By having read this form, the Applicant requests access to the services provided by the professional and declares to have read and fully accept the terms and conditions contained in this form. It is also informed of the following:

The Bio-Natural Disciplines are activities and practices based on 3 cultural and operational principles, constitutive of the new "culture of vitality":

The finalization to the full expression of vitality, the unique and unrepeatable heritage of every person in any age, social condition, state of well-being.

The global approach to the person, considered as an indivisible vital entity.

The exclusive use of techniques, tools and natural products.

The declared intent to operate globally on the vitality of the person identifies them without ambiguity and clearly distinguishes them from any other sector of activity, regulated and / or unregulated.

The DBNs are not and cannot be considered in any way aesthetic or health activities as the operator does not consider, does not treat and does not aim at:

  • the reduction or elimination of imperfections that are pertinent to the aesthetic sector;

  • the resolution of pathologies and symptoms that are of close medical / health relevance;

and then:

  • does not provide the user with pharmacological or therapeutic prescriptions for health and / or aesthetic purposes;

  • does not consider and does not propose its own intervention as a substitute for that of the healthcare, aesthetic or otherwise belonging to regulated professions that require qualifying qualifications.

The person in charge of data processing, which will be stored in paper and computer format, in Via Rivoli 68/1 10090 Rosta (TO) - Italy, is Garassino Monica, available by e-mail at:

  • Non-sensitive personal data may be disclosed to third parties for their processing for management purposes only and may be kept for the time necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations themselves; they may also be archived for future performance for an appropriate period;

  • the right to submit any complaint to the Guarantor is guaranteed

The applicant consents to the processing of his / her personal data for the purposes of administrative, fiscal and organizational management, to the conservation of the same, to the communication to persons and entities directly affected by said purposes. The collection of any particular / sensitive data and the use of data for commercial purposes are explicitly excluded.

Please refer to the privacy document on this website at the following link: Privacy Policy.

The applicant can book on-line the service requested. Every service is detailed with price in USD dollars and duration.

The amount have to be paid upon confirmation of the service requested using the form on-line that allow the applicant to choose from credit card or PayPal.

For all services that need multiple sessions the applicant have to pay the total amount in once or with a payment plan (only available for four or more sessions).

Limitation of Liability

The Holistic Operator is not held responsible for any type of injury or damage to the person that may derive from the execution of the treatment requested by the applicant. Read also our Mandatory Disclaimer for other detailes.

For any need, question or request, the contact is as follows:


Last modified: 08/07/2020

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